Reinventing feminine


from women

to women

QL2 is made from women to women respecting what drive them in their lives.

Independent, contemporary, committed, ironic, cultured, wise, sophisticated and satisfied by their own choices, women in QL2 are capable to recognize the “classic reloaded” value expressed by the brand.

between contamination and iconic choices

Experimenting, matching, contrasting, revising: we love let us inspire without limits and boundaries and loose ourself in colors, smells and desinations.

Our style lives of cross-contamination, opposites defining us harmoniously and releasing in our brand and in our collections our vision of the world.

Essentials that go beyond

High quality fabrics, pefect fits and care for details are key features for each QL2 garment. Every collection fully mirrors our passion for a constant research for a unique style based on innovation, wise craftmanship and long lasting quality.

Irony and lightness
of being

QL2 woman inspires herself from what’s new, falls lightly in everyday routine welcoming unexpected with irony.

Committment and Self-awarness

Cultured and committed, QL2 woman lives her life and its challenges with fullfillment and awarness.

the encounter between craftmanship and passion

Creativity is nothing without craftmanship. 

Thanks to solid partnership since the beginning, QL2 is deeply rooted in the best “made in Italy” tradition: our inspiration transfomed in high quality and long lasting garments.

neverending research in materials and new styles

Passion for research is our creative driving force and men’s closet the constant source for inspiration to feed the brand mission: reinventing feminine basics.

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