The story of the classic reloaded

the challenge

of quelledue

A friendship and the desire to put together creativity and managerial background: QL2 has born to reinvent essentials of women’s closet, creating a collection that fully mirrors a concept of discreet and timeless luxury.


the vision of quelledue

In a globalized and hyperconnected world we are proud to remark our independence and authenticity interpreting the Zeitgest throughout our collections.

the mission of quelledue

Give value to each garment QL2 along the time, making it a long lasting classic: this is our mission.



Based in Castellanza, Mocreal is the licencee of the brand since the beginning and it always accompained the development of the brand.

Ideas and creativity are key but not enough: supply chain management, quality control, respect of delivery windows, after sales support are crucial in this industry and QL2 knows it.

QL2 è prodotta e distribuita sin dalla sua fondazione dalla società Mocreal di Castellanza, che ha sempre sostenuto lo sviluppo del brand.

Creatività e pensiero da soli non bastano. Gestione delle forniture, organizzazione della produzione, controllo qualità, puntuale consegna ai negozi, supporto alla vendita.

QL2…o i fantastici 4.

story of a passion


QL2 has born: the collection was originally made of pants and skirts. From the very beginning, the collection captured the attention of the best italian multibrand stores.


After consolidating its presence in Italy and UE, QL2 lands in New York at the conquer of the United States


From pants and skirt collection to total look: QL2 diversifies its offer and takes on a new challenge on the market.


QL2 goes digital and opens a online store: beside best multibrand stores in Italy, Europe and Usa a new vindows to show a product selection.

respect and endless love
for humans and environment

Sustainability for us means respect for people working with us as well as choices in selecting suppliers strongly committed with low-environmental impact in manufacturing fabrics and other materials.

We strongly believe in italian craftmanship, in manufactoring tradition and strong partnership along the supply chain.

the mission

of quelle due

La nostra missione è quella di ritornare a dare valore ai capi ben fatti, che durano nel tempo diventando icone di stile oltre la moda del momento.




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